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Combat ELG and ELO Cabinet Heaters

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A pre-mounted Combat Control and electrical mains supply with a new “plug and play” mains connector contributes to significantly reducing overall installations time and costs. (this can be provided separately to the appliance upon request).

The distribution heads have been redesigned for an aesthetically sleek appearance, as well as increasing the number of heads to improve the distribution of warm air throughout the building.

The fixings for the Combat warm air heaters have now been changed to hex fixings to enable ease of access and reduction in damage whilst maintaining and repairing the appliance.

All Combat warm air heaters are 100% the UK produced from start to finish at our lean operated manufacturing facility in the heart of West Midlands in Wednesbury.

With the reduction on its impact on the environment, and the decision to return back to the traditional Combat Red colours, Combat warm air heaters prove the “Red is the New Green”.

  • Automatic ignition system

  • Aluminised steet heat exchanger

  • Plug and Play

  • Elco burner, digital display

  • Rear flue spigot (easier installation)

  • NRG fitted to heater

  • On / Off burner

Additional Features

Fuels Available

LPG, Natural Gas, Oil

Models Available

40-70kW to 120-235kW

If you are interested in a Combat warm air cabinet heater then contact J1 Heating Spares on 01902 492946 or email

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